Indagroove Productions

Great Sound for Bands or Venues. All Top Quality Sound Equipment IE. JBL, EV, Yamaha. You will not find a better live sound in the area. we always get rave reviews for the best quality. When you want to have a great live stage sound, this is as good as it gets. We have setups for small, medium and large events. With highly trained ears to really make you sound your best.
Indagroove Productions is fast becoming central Florida's premier sound reinforcement outfit.

Some of our customers:
City Of
Ormond Beach, Ormond Mainstreet Inc.

 Towm of
Marineland Florida

Beach 92.7 FM

Rossmeyer Harley Davidson

HT Production Company

Saints and Sinners - Destination Daytona

Jam-On Productions Worlds Largest Motor Cycle Swap Meet

Southern Rocks Finest

Halo Violation

Donnaha Station

Sesame Plexar

Contact Matt @ 386 453 6261
Indagroove Productions Sound Contact

indagroove productionsindagroove productionsindagroove productionsindagroove productions

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Matthew Godwin

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His previous internet business, was mentioned as a source of information in the forward of Jan Burke's renowned crime thriller, Bloodlines.
Matthew was born with a great love of music. Born into a middle class Howey Academy 1974family in 1957 Macon, Georgia, Matt got his first snare drum as a Winter Solstice present at the age of 4. Four months later the second piece, a cymbal, was added to it to the dismay of the family dog. In 1965, his family moved from Macon to Upper Marlboro Md, where he got his first drum kit. His introduction to performing as a drummer occurred at the age of 10 when he and a couple of guys, Neil Cohen & Phil Sheridan, played their rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" for 1st place in a summer camp talent show. Despite his youth, Matt found the experience of performing for other people exhilarating... Click Here  
Gregg Allman @ AmazonIn 2012 he located and made public the original Allman Joys 1965 High School Graduation Pictures used in the book My Cross To Bear. Gregg Allman.
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