Multi-Genre Music Artist. Pop, Rock, Blues, Metal, Soul, it’s in there.

Matthew Godwin

Matthew D. Godwin ( was born with a great love of music. Born into a middle class family in 1957 Macon, Georgia, Matt got his first snare drum as a Winter Solstice present at the age of 4. Four months later the second piece, a cymbal, was added to it to the dismay of the family dog. In 1965, his family moved from Macon to Upper Marlboro Md, where he got his first drum kit. His introduction to performing as a drummer occurred at the age of 10 when he and a couple of guys, Neil Cohen & Phil Sheridan, played their rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" for 1st place in a summer camp talent show. Despite his youth, Matt found the experience of performing for other people exhilarating. Soon afterwards he combined 2 drum kits together for his first chance to play double bass. His double bass techniques developed into some unique personal signature bass drum action. 1967 Matthew Godwin

Matt took drum and music lessons whenever he could. His first real lessons were at Frank Rickards Music Center in Daytona in the mid-late 60's, then in music class at Sanford Naval Academy Jr. High where he also played in a rock band. Matt was in the school band at Seabreeze Jr. High in Daytona. He played drums in a couple of garage bands, and then in 1972 while Matt was attending high school at Howey Academy in Howey in the Hills, Florida, he started playing guitar. Within a couple months of picking up the guitar he learned the Rolling Stones song "Brown Sugar" and played it at a school talent show. He took second place in that show playing on a Sears Silvertone Guitar Amp in Case outfit.

In the 80's, Matt took further guitar lessons from Jerry Hemby of Ormond Beach.

Matt was the founder and lead guitarist of Krankster Rip, and lead/rhythm guitar of The Bad Apples. In the 90's he played bass guitar in a band called One-Three. ( Over the last decade he has been in several local bands: Kid Wicked, Ghost Dance Band, Repeat Offender, Long Riders Band, The Mad Cow Band, & Indagroove ( Now playing drums in OUT OF THE BLUE ( with Chip and Claire Vandiver). Besides the drums, guitar, and bass, Matt also provides lead and back-up vocals. All previous recordings can be downloaded from the download page at


More Matt facts:

In 2010 Matt released his 1st solo work Matthew Godwin Solo now available on iTunes, Amazon, and most other music download sites. On this solo lp Matt played all parts, sang, recorded, and mixed the whole lp.

In 2010, one of Matt's bands opened a date and ran sound for Southern Rocks Finest, with Dan Toler of the Allman Brothers Band, Tim of Marshall Tucker, Dave Valliere of The Dave Valliere Group, Artimus Pyle of Lynard Skynard, Charles Hargrett of Blackfoot.

Matt was a pit row extra in the movie Days of Thunder.

Bloodines @ AmazonHis previous internet business, was mentioned as a source of information in the forward of Jan Burke's renowned crime thriller, Bloodlines.
Gregg Allman @ AmazonIn 2012 he located and made public the original Allman Joys 1965 High School Graduation Pictures used in the book My Cross To Bear. Gregg Allman.
May 13 2011 Interview
Equipment: Fortune Drums ( This kit was originally built in 1982 for Jimmy Clark. Jimmy has played in many bands such as, Joan Jett, Vanzant, Patty Smyth, and Blackhawk. Matt also plays PDPX7 Road beater kit as well as Zyldjian, Sabian, and Bosphorus Cymbals.